Ashava Builds for Diablo 4 Server Slam - D4 (2023)

This weekend the Diablo 4 servers will be tested one last time with the Server Slam event. Everyone can enter the world of Sanctuary from May 12th through the 14th. During that time you can obtain the rewards from the Open Beta in March as well as a new cosmetic, the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. This trophy is the reward for defeating the World Boss Ashava with a Level 20 character! This is no easy task, so the following Ashava builds and tips will give you a much greater chance in achieving it!

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Server Slam Info

The Server Slam event takes place from May 12, 12 p.m. PDT to May 14, 12 p.m. PDT. During that time you can play Diablo 4 on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, andPlayStation 4 - includingcouch co-opfor consoles and cross-play and cross-progression for all platforms.

  • Characters from the Open Beta do NOT transfer over to the Server Slam. It is a fresh start!
  • The maximum Level is 20. YOU HAVE TO BE Level 20 when killing Ashava to receive the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy!
  • Legendary Item drop rates reflect what you can expect for the launch version of Diablo 4.
  • All five classes can be played.
  • You are limited to the boarders of Fractured Peaks. This includes the main story of Act 1.
  • Ashava spawns every 3 hours, starting on May 13 at 9 a.m. PDT. You can face her 8 times!
Ashava Builds for Diablo 4 Server Slam - D4 (3)

Combat Tips

Wudijo did a great job showing how to fight Ashava in his video. Make sure to check it out!

Level 20 Ashava Builds

Legendary Aspects will be very hard to come by, and you are limited to 21 Skill Points. We expect the following builds to do just fine without any Aspects. Your chances of success go up when grouped with other players in which you all work together to maximize the party's damage, defense, and buffs!

  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Necromancer
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer


Skill Point Allocation


  • Flay (1 point)
    • Enhanced Flay
  • Upheaval (5 points)
    • Enhanced Upheaval
    • Furious Upheaval
  • War Cry (1 point)
    • Enhanced War Cry


  • Rallying Cry (1 point)
    • Enhanced Rallying Cry
    • Tactical Rallying Cry
  • Challenging Shout (1 point)
    • Enhanced Challenging Shout
    • Tactical Challenging Shout
  • Leap (1 point)
    • Enhanced Leap
    • Power Leap
  • Booming Voice (1 point)
  • Raid Leader (1 point)


To generate Fury, get into melee range and attack Ashava with Flay. Use this 8 times to stack up Furious Upheaval and make her Vulnerable. Make sure to keep the damage reduction buff up at all times.

Upheaval is a great ranged damage ability if you have enough Fury to use it. Use Flay, Leap and Rallying Cry on cooldown to generate enough resources at this low level. Note: If you get any Legendary Aspects for Hammer of the Ancients or Rend, those abilities can be used in place of Upheaval.

War Cry gives you some extra offense and the incredible berserking buff.


These are your priority stats on gear:

  • Helmet: Life > Strength > Socket > Poison Resistance
  • Chest Armor: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Poison Resistance > Strength
  • Gloves: Upheaval Ranks > Critical Strike Chance > Attack Speed > Strength
  • Pants: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Life Regeneration while Not Damaged > Strength
  • Boots: Movement Speed > Fury Cost Reduction > Strength > Poison Resistance
  • Amulet: % Damage > Resource Cost Reduction > % Life > Movement Speed
  • Rings: Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Damage > Vulnerable Damage > Life
  • Weapons: Core Skill Damage > Critical Strike Damage > Vulnerable Damage > Strength
  • Gems
    • Weapon - Emeralds
    • Armor pieces - Rubies, Amethysts or Sapphires
    • Jewelry - Emeralds or Skulls

Helpful Legendary Aspects

  • Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Echoes - Summons Ancients that also cast Upheaval.
  • Offensive Aspect of Ancestral Force - Hammer of the Ancients quakes outward. (Respec to HOTA if you get this)
  • Resource Aspect of Echoing Fury - Generates extra Fury from Shouts.
  • Offensive Aspect of Limitless Rage- Increases Core Skill damage.


Skill Point Allocation


  • Storm Strike (1 point)
    • Enhanced Storm Strike
    • Fierce Storm Strike
  • Landslide (5 points)
    • Enhanced Landslide
    • Primal Landslide
  • Ravens (1 point)
    • Enhanced Ravens
    • Ferocious Ravens
  • Nature's Reach (3 points)


  • Earthen Bulwark (1 point)
    • Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
    • Preserving Earthen Bulwark
  • Cyclone Armor (1 point)
  • Blood Howl (1 point)


To generate Spirit, get into melee range and attack Ashava with Storm Strike. As a side effect, you gain 25% damage reduction and have a 50% to make her Vulnerable. Make sure to keep the damage reduction buff up at all times.

Landslide is by far the best damage dealing ability on the Druid. After generating Spirit, ideally to the maximum, move away from Ashava, and unleash nature's power on her. Cast the active ability of Ravens on top of her, then spam Landslide as much as possible.

Earthen Bulwark is your "getting out of jail free card". It instantly removes the powerful Poison Damage Ashava dishes out. Alternatively, you can use it to increase your chance of surviving her physical attacks.

Blood Howl is basically a small Healing vial every 15 seconds. Prioritize this Skill over the use of your actual Healing Potion, so it is available when you need it!

Cyclone Armor passively grants Resistances against heavy Poison Damage. Put it on your Skill bar and forget about it.


These are your priority stats on gear:

  • Helmet: Life > Willpower > Socket > Poison Resistance
  • Chest Armor: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Poison Resistance > Willpower
  • Gloves: Ranks to Landslide > Critical Strike Chance > Attack Speed > Willpower
  • Pants: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Life Regeneration while Not Damaged > Willpower
  • Boots: Movement Speed > Spirit Cost Reduction > Willpower > Poison Resistance
  • Amulet: % Damage > Resource Cost Reduction > % Life > Movement Speed
  • Rings: Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Damage > Vulnerable Damage > Life
  • Two-Handed Staff: Core Skill Damage > Critical Strike Damage > Vulnerable Damage > Willpower
  • Gems
    • Weapon - Emeralds
    • Armor pieces - Rubies, Amethysts or Sapphires
    • Jewelry - Emeralds or Skulls

Helpful Legendary Aspects

  • Accelerating Offensive Aspect - Increases Attack Speed drastically when a Core Skill Critical Strikes.
  • Conceited Offensive Aspect - Increased Damage while Barrier is active.
  • Defensive Aspect of Cyclonic Force - Cyclone Armor also grants Physical Damage Reduction.
  • Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect - Increased Damage based on available Resource.
  • Defensive Aspect of Mending Stone - Increase Earthen Bulwark uptime to over 50%
  • Offensive Aspect of Natural Balance - Earth Skills deal increased Critical Strike Damage for 4 seconds after casting a Storm Skill.
  • Nighthowler's Offensive Aspect - Increased Critical Strike Chance for a few seconds.
  • Offensive Aspect of The Aftershock - Increased damage for Landslide.


Skill Point Allocation


  • Decompose (1 point)
    • Enhanced Decompose
    • Acolyte's Decompose
  • Bone Spear (5 points)
    • Enhanced Bone Spear
    • Supernatural Bone Spear
  • Skeletal Warrior Mastery (3 points)
  • Skeletal Mage Mastery (3 points)


  • Blood Mist (1 point)
  • Death's Embrace (3 points)
  • Decrepify (1 point)

Book of the Dead

  • Skeletal Warrior: Skirmishers with Upgrade 1
  • Skeletal Mage: Shadow with Upgrade 2


Get directly underneath Ashava and use Decompose to generate Essence and increase your Minion's damage while you wait to unload a ton of Bone Spears. Staying underneath also helps your Minions to stay roughly within the safest zone of this fight.

Bone Spear can hit Ashava 4 times on each cast and always applies Vulnerable which increases your Minions damage significantly while also increasing other's damage as well. Make sure to have a good amount of Essence before the 1st cast of Bone Spear, so you can get as many empowered hits on her as possible during the duration.

Blood Mist is your "getting out of jail free card". It instantly removes the powerful Poison Damage Ashava dishes out. Try to time your use when you really need it to never get caught in a bad scenario.

Decrepify is our Stagger-stacking option, while also decreasing Ashava's damage output against everyone. There's a chance this debuff keeps someone alive that otherwise would be 1-shot. People alive for longer means better damage output across the board!

Make sure to use any Corpses that spawn far away from Ashava for Healing and Empowering your Minions. Don't let any good Corpses go to waste, and try to keep their health totals topped off as often as possible.


These are your priority stats on gear:

  • Helmet: Life > Intellect > Socket > Poison Resistance
  • Chest Armor: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Poison Resistance > Intelligence
  • Gloves: Bone Spear Ranks > Attack Speed > Intelligence
  • Pants: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Intelligence
  • Boots: Movement Speed > Essence Cost Reduction > Intelligence > Poison Resistance
  • Amulet: % Damage > Resource Cost Reduction > % Life > Movement Speed
  • Rings: Shadow Damage % > Vulnerable Damage > Life
  • Two-Handed Sword: Core Skill Damage > Vulnerable Damage > Intelligence
  • Gems
    • Weapon - Emeralds
    • Armor pieces - Rubies, Amethysts or Sapphires
    • Jewelry - Emeralds or Skulls

Helpful Legendary Aspects

  • Defensive Aspect of the Protector - Gain a Barrier whenever you damage an Elite.
  • Conceited Offensive Aspect - Increased Damage while Barrier is active.
  • Exploiter's Utility Aspect - Gain additional damage against a target that is Unstoppable.
  • Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect - Increased Damage based on available Resource.
  • Offensive Aspect of Explosive Mist - Makes Blood Mist trigger Corpse Explosion and reduce its cooldown.


Skill Point Allocation


  • Heartseeker (1 point)
    • Enhanced Heartseeker
    • Fundamental Heartseeker
  • Rapid Fire (5 points)
    • Enhanced Rapid Fire
    • Advanced Rapid Fire
  • Poison Imbuement (1 point)
    • Enhanced Poison Imbuement


  • Shadow Step (1 point)
  • Dash (1 point)
    • Enhanced Dash
  • Dark Shroud (1 point)
    • Enhanced Dark Shroud
    • Countering Dark Shroud
  • Deadly Venom (1 point)
  • Debilitating Toxins (2 points)

Specialization: Combo Points


With Combo Points, make sure to always use Rapid Fire when you have exactly 3 CPs. This 3:1 cycle guarantees that you don't have any resource issues and great damage output. For extra damage, activate Poison Imbuement on cooldown but avoid wasting its charges on Shadow Step or Dash.

Stay at a safe distance from Ashava and use Shadow Step + Dash (and Evade) to close gaps or dodge incoming attacks. Make sure to keep up Dark Shroud stacks by reactivating the ability after you took damage for better protection.

Note: If you found the Bladedancer's Offensive Aspect for Twisting Blades, you can also play a similar setup with that skill and the Inner Sight Specialization, focusing more on spamming your Core Skill. If no one else in the party brings the Vulnerable debuff, you can switch your Basic Skill to Forceful Arrow or Puncture to help out the team.


These are your priority stats on gear:

  • Helmet: Ranks to Poison Imbuement > Life > Socket > Poison Resistance
  • Chest Armor: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets > Poison Resistance
  • Gloves: Rapid Fire Ranks > Critical Strike Chance > Attack Speed
  • Pants: Life > % Damage Reduction > Sockets
  • Boots: Movement Speed > Energy Cost Reduction > Poison Resistance
  • Amulet: Damage > Energy Cost Reduction > % Life > Movement Speed
  • Rings: Critical Strike Chance > Critical Strike Damage > Vulnerable Damage > Life
  • Weapons: Core Skill Damage > Critical Strike Damage > Vulnerable Damage
  • Gems
    • Weapon - Emeralds
    • Armor pieces - Rubies
    • Jewelry - Emeralds or Skulls

Helpful Legendary Aspects

  • Defensive Aspect of the Protector - Gives you a Barrier when hitting Elites. (Codex Power)
  • Energizing Resource Aspect - Restores Energy when hitting Elites with a Basic Skill. (Codex Power)
  • Offensive Aspect of the Expectant - Provides extra damage after using a Basic Skill, great with Combo Points.
  • Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect - Increases damage done based on available Resource.
  • Accelerating Offensive Aspect - Increases Attack Speed after critically striking.
  • Defensive Aspect of Might - Increases damage reduction after using a Basic Skill.


Skill Point Allocation


  • Fire Bolt (5 points)
    • Enhanced Fire Bolt
    • Glinting Fire Bolt
  • Hydra (2 points)
    • Enhanced Hydra
    • Summoned Hydra
  • Firewall (3 points)
    • Enhanced Firewall
    • Mage's Firewall


  • Ice Armor (1 point)
    • Enhanced Ice Armor
  • Flame Shield (1 point)
  • Teleport (1 point)
  • Align the Elements (1 point)

Enchantment Slot



Dealing damage with this build is very straightforward. You have 3 damage skills and you use them in following situations:

  • Hydra - when your old Hydra expires or when Ashava jumps away.
  • Firewall - when you have 30 or more Mana
  • Fire Bolt - when you have less than 30 Mana

For defense you also have 3 skills. Both Ice Armor and Flame Shield allow you to facetank one attack from the boss but they have rather long cooldown. Teleport lets you get out of the way when your shields are down. Finally, you have Align the Elements passive which lets you survive a hit even if you don't have any shields up. Remember that it takes 40 seconds to stack up so you can't be getting hit too often.

All your skills can be used at range but being far away from Ashava doesn't really make it much safer to fight. It's best to stay midrange so that you are outside of the boss' melee moves but can easily Teleport in to avoid the 360 sweep.


These are your priority stats on gear:

  • Helmet: Cooldown Reduction > Ranks to Hydra
  • Chest Armor: Armor > % Damage Reduction > Sockets
  • Gloves: Attack Speed > Fire Damage Over Time > Critical Strike Chance
  • Pants: Ranks to Firewall > Armor > % Damage Reduction
  • Boots: Ranks to Defensive Skills > Mana Cost Reduction > Movement Speed
  • Amulet: Ranks to Defensive Skills > Mana Cost Reduction > % Damage > Cooldown Reduction
  • Rings: Distant Damage > Fire Damage > Vulnerable Damage
  • Weapon: Distant Damage > Damage Over Time > Vulnerable Damage
  • Focus: Mana Cost Reduction > Cooldown Reduction > Critical Strike Chance
  • Gems
    • Weapon - Amethysts
    • Armor pieces - Rubies
    • Jewelry - Skulls

If one of your items has +1 Rank to All Defensive Skills, you can free up 3 Skill Points and invest them into Firewall and Inner Flames.

Helpful Legendary Aspects

  • Prodigy’s Resource Aspect - Regenerates Mana when you use a Cooldown.
  • Incendiary Resource Aspect - Burning damage has a chance to restore Mana.
  • Conceited Offensive Aspect - Increased Damage while Barrier is active.
  • Storm Swell Offensive Aspect - Increased Vulnerable Damage while Barrier is active.
  • Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect - Increased Damage based on available Resource. If you have this, wait for your Mana to regen to full before casting Firewall.

Diablo 4 is Almost Here!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team wishes you luck on killing Ashava this weekend and defeating the demon hordes when Diablo 4 launches in June! We hope to see you in Sanctuary, fighting along with us. To never miss when new guides release, join our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles channel. Lilith, your time has come!

The Maxroll Diablo 4 Team


What time does server slam start d4? ›

The Server Slam event takes place from May 12, 12 p.m. PDT to May 14, 12 p.m. PDT. During that time you can play Diablo 4 on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 - including couch co-op for consoles and cross-play and cross-progression for all platforms.

What is d4 endgame? ›

The Diablo 4 Endgame is what you're going to be playing through once you've bested everything the ARPG has to offer; they're the highest-level activities, the toughest challenges, and are what will keep players hooked to Diablo 4 for years to come.

Where to find Ashava Diablo 4? ›

Ashava can be found in the Crucible, which is located on the eastern side of the Fractured Peaks. In Diablo 4, enemies and zones typically scale with your level, but the Crucible is a level 25 zone — also the max level during the beta.

Will Diablo 4 have skill trees? ›

Diablo 4 skill trees allow you to unlock multiple abilities and customize your character, so here's how they work in Blizzard's hellish RPG game.

What is the most dynamic opening against d4? ›

An aggressive opening against d4 is the Dutch defense, or f5.

What is the best defense for d4 opening? ›

The Grunfeld Defense is one of the most aggressive and best chess openings for Black against d4. There are two basic strategies to fight for the center as Black. You can try to grab your own space like 1. d4 d5, or you can give up the center and try to attack it with your pieces and pawns.

Is D4 gender locked? ›

Diablo 4 Classes are not Gender-locked, and players can opt to be a male or female of any class. This is chosen during Character Creation, along with a character's appearances.

What is the best solo class in Diablo 4? ›

The best class for playing Diablo 4 solo is the Necromancer.

Other classes can surely be used for solo play, but the Necromancer brings a unique balance of versatility and power that really puts it ahead. Players choosing the Necromancer are all but guaranteed to have a good time playing through the story on their own.

Was D4 ever finished? ›

A PC version was released on 5 June 2015, published by Playism in partnership with Access Games. In October 2016, Hidetaka Suehiro announced via Twitter that he had left Access Games and that there would be no more episodes of D4.

What level should I be to fight Ashava? ›

When to fight Ashava? We highly recommend not fighting Ashava before level 20, you will greatly hinder other people trying to kill Ashava in the same instance as you. The bonus trophy gained from killing Ashava also requires you to be level 20.

How do you beat Ashava the pestilent? ›

Avoid and evade Ashava's attacks by staying behind her whenever you can. If you're a melee player this is especially true. Utilize any gear or skills that create barriers / shields / domes / etc to counter her physical attacks. Any poison resistant gear you have, equip.

How do you weaken Ashava in Diablo 4? ›

Stagger Bar

Each World Boss also has a unique mechanic in addition to being staggered. The Ashava World Boss arm blade breaks permanently when staggered, making her weaker for the rest of the fight.

What will be the 5th class in Diablo 4? ›

We now know that the five classes are: Necromancer, Rogue, Sorceress, Barbarian, and Druid. Every Diablo 4 class has its own unique skill tree, allowing players to pick which abilities they want to use.

What is the maximum life in Diablo 4? ›

You get some Base Life for leveling up, starting at 40 Life at level 1, up to 420 Life at level 25. There are several other ways to increase your Maximum Life: +Max Life roll on your armor (scales with item power)

What are the only 5 classes in Diablo 4? ›

There are currently five Diablo 4 classes that we know of. These are the Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Druid.

What is the sharpest response to d4? ›

d5. The other popular response to 1. d4 is to keep a symmetrical position by playing d5. This is a more traditional response, occupying the center and helping to develop the queenside bishop at the same time.

Who is the best 1 d4 player? ›

Karpov is the greatest d4 player. Kramnik a close second. Hodgson was exceptionally good with the Trompovsky. Kasparov.

Why is d4 the best opening? ›

d4 is favoured over 1. e4 simply because there are too many strong lines against 1. e4 and black can quickly equalize or put themselves in a more comfortable position due to many opening theories against a lot of 1.

What is the best defense against e4 d4? ›

The Sicilian Defense is the most popular defense against white's opening 1. e4 and is used extensively at top level play. It is a very aggressive defense and immediately stakes claim at the center, denying white the double pawns on e4 and d4.

Can I play Caro Kann against d4? ›

d4 player will go for 2. e4, unless they are also 1. e4 players and really, really good at playing against the Caro-Kann. More importantly, you may like to play the Slav against d4+c4, and the Caro against d4+e4, but so far white has only played 1.

What Defence is good against e4 and d4? ›

The Modern Defense (also known as the Robatsch Defence after Karl Robatsch) is a hypermodern chess opening in which Black allows White to occupy the center with pawns on d4 and e4, then proceeds to attack and undermine this "ideal" center without attempting to occupy it.

What is the strongest class in Diablo 4? ›

'Diablo 4' Devs Say Druid Is One Of The Strongest Endgame Classes In Testing. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. There was a certain contingent of players who were not wild about how Druid felt during the first two Diablo 4 betas.

Who is Mephisto daughter Diablo 4? ›

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, and the sister of Lucion, known to all of Sanctuary as the Queen of the Succubi. Once the lover of the archangel Inarius, her union with him led to the creation of the first nephalem.

Who is the female boss in Diablo 4? ›

Lilith makes her debut in Diablo 4 as the main antagonist. However, a character model for the Andariel boss in Diablo 2 used her name as an easter egg for fans.

What is the easiest class to play in Diablo 4? ›

The Sorcerer and the Necromancer are the easiest Classes for beginners in Diablo 4! The Sorcerer has superb AOE damage that can clear rooms full of enemies fast, while the Necromancer can rely on its undead minions to destroy even the strongest enemies!

What class is most fun in Diablo? ›

Most fun class in diablo 3
  • 112. Barbarian.
  • Crusader.
  • 177. Demon Hunter.
  • Monk.
  • Witch Docter.
  • 102. Wizard.
Jan 23, 2023

What is the most op class in Diablo Immortal? ›

If you want to melt even the biggest baddies with huge damage numbers, then the Demon Hunter is the best Diablo Immortal class for you. However, if you would rather be in the thick of battle than lobbing projectiles from afar, then the Barbarian is the solo class in Diablo Immortal for you.

Is D4 stronger than e4? ›

The move 1. d4 is the preferred opening move almost three times more often than 1. e4 in world championships.

Why was D4 canceled? ›

Only the first two episodes (Season 1) were ever released, while D4: Season 2 was sadly cancelled when Swery65 had to take a break from Access Games in November 2015 to recover from a serious illness and then definitely left the company for internal reasons in October 2016.

Will there be a dungeon 4 game? ›

Dungeons 4 will be released on Windows PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S consoles and is coming on day one to console, PC, and cloud with Xbox Game Pass, with a version for Nintendo Switch to follow at a later point.

Do I have to be level 20 to fight Ashava? ›

You are taking up a spot for another level 20 to help kill the world boss. You don't get the trophy even if the group kills it.

What level should you be to beat Mohgwyn? ›

Elden Ring Level Progression: Recommended Level by Location
AreaLevelUpgrade (Somber)
Mohgwyn Palace110-140+20-24 (+8-9)
Miquella's Haligtree120-150+20-25 (+8-10)
Crumbling Farum Azula120-150+20-25 (+8-10)
Leyndell, Ashen Capital120-150+25 (+10)
25 more rows
Jul 19, 2022

What level should I be to fight Godfroy? ›

Players for this fight should be at least level 75, ideally higher, and have +13 weapons or up. In this form, Godfrey is weak to Lightning and Thrusting damage, but heavily resistant to Holy power, which isn't surprising considering he appears to be made out of it.

What are the abilities of Ashava? ›

Ashava the Pestilent is a gigantic demon. A creature of pestilence, she bears two massive forearm blades that can cut through stone and flesh alike, and can coat the ground in a deadly poison.

How to level fast Diablo? ›

How to Level Up Fast in Diablo 4. To level up quickly, players will need to take on a wide range of activities in the world of Sanctuary: Dungeons, Renown Rewards, and Side Quests are among the best methods. Thankfully, Diablo 4 is generous with XP gains, so it doesn't take much optimizing to do right.

How do I make my Diablo Immortal character stronger? ›

One of the most important ways to increase your Combat Rating is to find and equip Legendary Gems. You can find these randomly while running Elder Rifts - though using the incredibly rare Legendary Crests will give you a random low tier Legendary Gem.

What is the best character to play in Diablo 4? ›

If you're playing through the Diablo 4 beta alone, we recommend choosing the Necromancer, the Sorcerer, or the Barbarian. Since Necromancers have access to powerful ranged and melee abilities and can spawn squads of allied undead soldiers, they'll perform excellently as a solo play class.

Why is there no Paladin in Diablo 4? ›

Unfortunately, Paladin will not be a playable class in Diablo 4 as there will only be five available classes at launch. This includes the Barbarian, Rogue, Druid, Sorceress, and Necromancer, all of which are usable during the Open Beta. NOW READ: Diablo 4 Character Classes – what are the five classes?

Will there be more than 5 classes in Diablo 4? ›

There's a reason Diablo 4 doesn't feature any new classes and instead focuses on fan-favorites. Blizzard recently revealed Diablo IV's fifth and final class for the game's launch, the Necromancer, as part of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase.

What is the highest paragon level in Diablo 4? ›

The max level in Diablo 4 is 100, achieved through Paragon points. The Paragon Board endgame system will unlock for players at level 50, and they can continue to develop their boards with tiles up to the max level of 100. Unlike Diablo 3, Diablo 4's Paragon levels will be capped at 100.

Is level 50 or 100 max in Diablo 4? ›

The maximum level in Diablo 4 is level 100.

Your level is character based so if you want to make a second character, you'll have to earn XP to reach level 100 on that character again. The levelling process will continue post-campaign, involving the many Diablo 4 endgame activities.

How much does it cost to fully max out a character in Diablo Immortal? ›

While many believed that it would take almost $100,000 to max out a Diablo Immortal character, one player reveals it may take much, much more money.

Will Diablo 4 have a Crusader class? ›

Diablo 4 Will Launch With Five Playable Character Classes

While many fans are disappointed that there are no Monk or Crusader classes available, Diablo 4 is striving to create a well-rounded group of options between magic and melee.

Who is the bloodied wolf in Diablo 4? ›

The Bloodied Wolf is a mysterious entity, taking the form of a large, black wolf with a bloodied, skeletal face that appeared to the Wanderer at different points during their pursuit of Lilith.

What will the last class be in Diablo 4? ›

With a spooky showing at the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda showcase, Blizzard revealed the Necromancer as Diablo 4's fifth and final class. The Necromancer will be bringing along their expected retinue of skeletons of every variety, and plenty of bone and blood magic besides.

What time does Diablo server reset? ›

Diablo Immortal's daily reset takes place at 3AM server time. Do note that this also depends on the Diablo Immortal server you've chosen to play on.

What time will the servers open? ›

Tower of Fantasy launches on August 10 at 8 p.m. Eastern. That's the global launch time, so all you need to do is convert the time for your specific region. If you're not sure, the website also has a countdown timer that should let you know when it's available to download.

What time zone is Evony in? ›

Evony (formerly known as Civony) is an Adobe Flash-based multiplayer online game by American developer Evony LLC with graphic elements reminiscent of other similar real time games and is set in the European medieval time period.

What time do destiny servers reset? ›

The weekly reset time for Destiny 2 is every Tuesday at 5pm UTC – that's 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 7PM CEST. If you live elsewhere in the world, find out what 5pm UTC is in your local time to get your Destiny 2 weekly reset time.

How many hours does it take to beat Diablo? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Diablo is about 13½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 29½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do I know if my Diablo server is immortal? ›

There are multiple servers you can choose from when you log into Diablo Immortal from the first time, but you may be placed on a random server when you first start playing on a new device. To find which server your characters are on, you can log into the game and click on the server that pops up above "tap to play".

What is the weekly battle point cap reached? ›

Players can't earn more than 2400 Battle Points per week. However, the Battle Points earned after reaching the weekly cap will be saved until the following weekly reset. In the Codex, Diablo Immortal's quest log, the Battle Pass subsection lists three tabs - Guide, Activities and Quests.

How often do you replace servers? ›

The traditional industry standard for server replacement has been 3-5 years, depending on usage. However, the average server lifecycle is becoming shorter as more businesses realize the advantages of regularly upgrading.

What to do when servers are down? ›

Server down: How to fix it
  1. View the symptoms. The symptoms can provide important clues to what exactly is wrong with the server. ...
  2. Decipher the blue screen. ...
  3. Boot the machine in safe mode.
  4. Look for issues in the Event Viewer Logs and Device Manager.
  5. Failure of critical services.
  6. Tips to prevent your server from crashing.

How many servers are running in the world? ›

Internet servers in the world

This impressive world map is made of dots that symbolize the most representative data centers with Internet servers of the world. According to the latest studies, in 2017 there were more than 8.5 million data centers in the world.

Is there a time zone +13? ›

UTC+13:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +13:00. Because it does not contain any land in the Northern Hemisphere, this time zone is exclusive to the Southern Hemisphere.

What time zone is Meta in? ›

Time Zone in Meta, Italy
Current:CEST — Central European Summer Time
Next Change:CET — Central European Time
Current Offset:UTC/GMT +2 hours
Difference:9 hours ahead of Sunnyvale

How does Evony make money? ›

Evony, created by TOP GAMES INC., makes money primarily through in-app purchases. Players can purchase items such as gold coins, gems, and other resources which are used to progress faster in the game.

Does ADA 1 reset daily? ›

Players usually rely on Ada-1 for the transmog system, where a particular currency allows everyone to change the look of their equipped armor pieces with anything. However, her inventory resets daily, which can feature some great endgame mods for players.

How often does Banshee 44 reset? ›

The perks on Banshee-44's daily weapons change at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET every day, while they refresh on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET for his weekly ones.

Is destiny sunsetting? ›

In addition to launching on Epic Games, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 is no longer sunsetting expansion content. Destiny general manager Justin Truman said it was behind-the-scenes engine updates that made it possible for the team to take this stance with future and previous content.


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