Lost Ark Best Class Tier List of PvE & PvP (May 2023) (2023)

Lost Ark Best Class Tier List of PvE & PvP (May 2023) (1)

Lost Ark like most other MMORPGs allows players to choose from a wide variety of unique powerful playable characters. Lost Ark has both the elements of the story and online gameplay.

The story is immersive and the combat animation is just beautiful. Both are the strong points for the game’s success worldwide. In the Lost Ark, the player has a choice to either beat it solo or play with friends.

The Lost Ark world has a lot to discover and the player is free to do what he wants. The player can explore the world or can upgrade his stronghold. players can indulge in dungeon activities where they can fight massive waves of enemies or can play raids and defeat powerful bosses in the game.

These classes are divided into sixteen advanced classes, from which you can select your playable character with its unique ability.

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Five base classes in Lost Ark

The five basic classes and their advanced classes and their special abilities are as follows:

Lost Ark Best Class Tier List of PvE & PvP (May 2023) (2)


DeathbladeDeathblade wields the power of chaos and carries two dual swords and one longsword. He can launch fast combo attacks on opponents with dual swords. They can slash through multiple enemies with their dual swords or can charge enemies with their longsword.
ShadowhunterShadowhunters can shapeshift, they turn into demonic forms to unleash chaos, and their attacks become more destructive with increased health and movement speed. Their abilities include demonic clone which allows them to turn into demon forms and other abilities like grind chain and demolition to fend off multiple enemies at once. Their skills are mostly melee-oriented.


ArtilleristThey’ve got big guns. These are not that fast and mobile in combat, they carry huge mechanical launchers and other weapons which deal lots of damage and heavy armour. He uses ranged attacks which make him suitable for support roles. they can clear the way for the team in dungeons or distract enemies with heavy attacks.
DeadeyeThey have a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle and can choose the weapon which is most effective in combat. He can perform targeted attacks as well as short-ranged shotgun attacks. His death fire attack can blow multiple enemies.
GunslingerThey can quickly switch between their weapons and can launch a barrage of bullets on their enemies. They have fast movements and can move and dodge quickly in a fight, this makes them hard to pin. They move fast and attack fiercely.
SharpshooterSharpshooters launch ranged attacks with special arrows. They are agile and stealthy and are effective for finding and attacking enemy weak points. Even though they have fewer defensive abilities, they can level a battlefield with their explosive shots.


BardBard can play a soothing sound to heal other team members or unleash a chorus of pain to deal with enemies. These have low attack power thus they are more of a defensive part of the team. That harp is the instrument of death.
SorceressA sorceress yields powerful magic and can deliver powerful magical blows that can deal with multiple enemies at once. A sorceress can command the elements, she can freeze enemies to death or burn them, or can summon thunder.

Martial Artist

GlaivierGlaivier has different skill sets associated with her two weapons spear and glaive. They have different stances and different combat styles with those weapons.
ScrapperScrappers can harness two inverse forms of energy with their gauntlet and can deliver long blows on enemies. Their powerful blows make the battlefield shake.
SoulfistSoulfist can do both melees and ranged attacks in powerful and explosive combos. Their harnessed energy is called adamance which they can use in their attacks to deliver deadly blows and fight longer. She has a large attack radius and can clear enemies with heavy attacks or can deploy burst attacks.
StrikerStriker harnesses the wind to deliver blows to the enemies with a variety of physical blows and can perform aerial combos. Their attack radius is limited and is not suitable for large waves.
WardancerThey can store elemental energy and can use it to deliver quick blows. They utilize elemental energy to the fullest but have a smaller attack radius. they can form a storm to launch enemies in the air or can deal with small explosive blows of heat.


BerserkerBerserkers wield a greatsword which has very high damage, they can enter burst mode and attack with the increased speed they are unstoppable in this state. they have a limited attack radius.
GunlancerGunlancers are quite spongy when it comes to taking damage, they wield a shield and a gun lance offense. Their shield takes most of the damage. This makes them perfect for defensive roles. When attacking they deal damage over large areas and hence are useful for combat roles too.
PaladinPaladins channel the power of gods and are capable in both offense and defense they wield a sword and a holy book and can use the book to protect the team from or can directly engage in combat.

The game is built so that you have to play both PvP and PvE elements of the game. Here is a lost ark tier list of the best classes you can choose for both types of gameplay:

The Best Lost Ark Classes PvE Tier List

Lost Ark Tier List PvE: Most of Lost Ark’s gameplay is PvE-based thus you may be doing demon-slaying most of the time.

However, even though most of the game is PvE you should choose your character so that it better suits your way of playing, as you will be stuck with your choice.

SBard, Berserker, Gunlancer, Paladin, Gunslinger
AArtillerist, Deathblade, Striker, Sorceress, Glaivier
BScrapper, Shadowhunter, Soulfist, Sharpshooter
CWardancer, Deadeye

S tier:

Bard and Paladin are two support classes in Lost Ark and having one on your team is a great benefit, these characters don’t seem to be exciting as others thus they are in short supply, thus there is a high demand for them.

Bards have the best healing and shielding skills but they lack combat ability. Whereas Paladin is a better choice than Bard as they have the same level of healing and shields as Bard but they can play actively in combat also.

Berserker and Gunlancer both can be quite damaged and spongy when it comes to sustaining in combat. Berserkers raise their team’s damage by 12% and can last longer in a fight making them an excellent choice for beginners.

Gunlancers however can shield their teammates and can draw the attention of the enemy towards them and interrupt their attacks.

A gunslinger is an efficient option for solo players, her swift movements and ability to deliver critical hits can be a great asset for a team.

A tier:

Artillerist is capable of doing heavy attacks and can shield teammates. But his movement ability is quite low and even though he can play a multi-skill character he is average in all of them.

Deathblade is the coolest and most popular character in the game. She can wield three swords that can deal impressive damage.

Glaivier is a martial artist subclass. She has two weapons a spear and a glaive and both the weapons have a different stance and different attack patterns.

Given her different skill sets, she can be a difficult character to master. Striker is another martial art that made this tier, his ability to launch aerial attacks and combos increases the chances of landing critical hits.

He also deals high damage and can attack the enemy from all sides. Though his abilities are hard to master, he is a nice choice if you want to fight in style.

Sorceress is a wizard (as the name suggests) she is a combat-oriented character but has low defenses and health which makes her difficult to sustain in a fight and is not at all easy to master, it requires a skilled player to play as a sorceress.

B tier:

Scrapper and Soulfist have a strong defense, Scrapper deals average damage whereas Soulfist’s special ability gives high damage if the character could land some critical hits.

This makes them a class good for beginners. They can sustain large blows and deal with enough damage.

Shadowhunter can shapeshift and use her demonic power which gives her 12% increased damage same as that of a Berserker, which makes them both equal.

While using her Demonic power she gets increased damage and health. Which makes her able to last longer in combat.

Sharpshooter deals with long-range attacks which have very high damage and can give an additional 6% damage increase to the team.

One downside is that he is not much effective in close combat, and his gear is mostly centered on long-range attacks.

C tier:

Gunslinger carries three guns and can do everything a gunslinger can do but is quite difficult to master since you have to consider everything (the range, damage of the weapon, his position), and it takes time to get the grip on.

Wardancer can increase attack speed and crit chance of the whole team but lacks in combat. She has less damage and does not have healing or shielding skills. Her cooldown time for skills is also longer than the other character.

The Best Lost Ark Classes PvP Tier List

Lost Ark Tier List PvP: PvP in lost ark a.k.a. endgame unlocks after you reach level 50. The list for PvP-oriented activities is quite different from PvP as you require different stats to tackle PvP activities. If you are a PvP-oriented player here is a list for you:

Lost Ark Best Class Tier List of PvE & PvP (May 2023) (3)

Lost Ark PvP Tier List

SBard, Paladin, Deathblade,
AArtillerist, Beserker, Shadowhunter, Gunslinger, Gunlancer, Sorceress
BStriker, Wardancer, Scrapper
CDeadeye, Sharpshooter, Soulfist

S tier:

Bard and Paladin maintain their place as they are the only available support class. Deadeye jumps up from his place, he can perform mid to long-range attacks making him a good choice for dealing with multiple enemies.

A tier:

Gunlancer and Berserker can deal a huge amount of damage and have a high defense level. Shadowhunter has the same abilities as the berserker to some extent.

Glaivier has high speed and defense and sorceress has elemental powers that can be deployed to deal heavy damage on multiple enemies making them valuable team assets for PvP.

B tier:

The striker has medium-range aerial attacks and Sharpshooter is mainly for long-range attacks and is not much effective in close combat. Hence we need Wardancer to provide support while they do their thing.

C tier:

Scrapper and Soulfist are both martial arts advanced classes and they are not much effective in PvP. Their gear and skill are based on their burst attack style and they have long cooldown times not acceptable in PvP.

The player is combat ineffective during that time and takes large damages which are not easy to recover from.


This brings you to the end of the Lost Ark Best Class Tier List. We hope this post was helpful to you and will amplify your gaming experience. We will be back with more enticing Tier Lists and news for you soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!


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