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Last Updated: June 9th 2023

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So, you've made it past our class overview and build guides! It's safe to assume we did a decent job as you continued to click through various links that led you here, nonetheless we're excited that you want to know all about the Monster Families!

Unlike previous Diablo games, most monsters belong to a family archetype that each have their own distinct personalities and backstories. This also means they have their own combat styles and niches, so fighting them can be tricky and sometimes downright frustrating.

It's worthwhile to understand how to dispatch of them efficiently, as each Monster Family has a higher chance of dropping specific item types! Cool right? In this guide, we teach you everything you need to know about each of these families!


Mostly found in Kehjistan and Dry Stepps, they're always up to no good, bullying innocent humans and stealing whatever they can. While they're not technically monsters, they are enough of a threat and have a wide presence across the lands. They even get into fights with other monsters!

This family has 3 members. The scrapper which is a bruiser with a mace, The Throat-splitter wields a small dagger, and The Marksman, a ranger with the crossbow. While these guys don't have any special abilities to watch out for, they can be annoying, especially when they attempt to ambush from underground.

Common Item Drops: Daggers, Maces

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (3)


This Monster Family is one of the biggest families in the game that consist of bears, thorned beasts that shoot pine needles, tuscan chargers, werewolves and wildwood (trees that can attack). They hang out in Scosglen, but some are known to venture out towards Fractured Peaks, specifically the werewolves which are the the most interesting of the bunch.

The Firewalker from the werewolves have 2 unique abilities. The first ability is a fire lunge in which they dash through you, leaving a trail of fire behind. Stealth is the second ability, allowing them to turn invisible (with a slight shimmer) to ambush you at the right time. The differences between The Firewalker and the other two are distinct, which makes you wonder where were the other members at when it was time to learn these super cool abilities.

As wolves naturally do, Werewolves can smell you from far away and often times they're already chasing you before they entered your field of view. You don't "aggro" them, they "aggro" you.

Common Item Drops: Chests, Crossbows, Swords

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (4)


Lore has it that the Cannibals were a former tribe of Barbarians that were banished from Arreat. No one knows why they were exiled, but they are now known for their cannibalism. They like to hang out in the Dry Steppes, often chomping on a corpse as you're adventuring by.

Since they were previously Barbarians, you can assume they're very dangerous. In this family, there are 4 members, 2 of which are the more typical melee types. One wields a two-handed greatsword which delivers a slow, sweeping frontal attack; and the other uses a lightweight halberd and likes to leap at players from a far distance. The Gorger is the biggest of them all, wielding a 2 spiked clubs that can knock you off your feet, while the swarmers (The Maniac and The Cleaver) are the little guys dual wielding axes that run at you swiftly in hoards looking to make quick work of you.

They do not have a ranged archetype. None of them decided to spec into weapon throw, which is a good thing.

Common Item Drops: 2H Axes, Axes, Helms

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (5)


Easily spotted by their red hoods and skull mask, they're usually sacrificing humans for a ritual. This is done by using 3 humans tied to a post while one performs the ritual that can summon brute creatures from other Monster Families, such as The Fallen and The Nangari. Not much is known about their history, but they tend to like to hang out around Hawezar and Kehjistan in small groups.

The Cultist have 3 members: Mother Disciples are the staff wielding mages that likes to throw fireballs, while the Mother Chosen wield a dagger while running straight at you. Mother Heralds are the bigger dudes and look tough, but they are the ones responsible for completing the ritual, so often times they ignore you while it's happening.

Common Item Drops: Daggers, Helms

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (6)


The Drowned are undead creatures that have crawled onto the shores of every area except Fractured Peaks, as it isn't connected to a sea. There's an obsession for reasons unknown with statues and bells (The brute likes to hit them with a log for what appears to be for fun). They're led by Merinth, also known as the Drowned Witch.

This Monster Family has 4 members. One's a brute called Man-O-War that wields a tree log that creates a flood of water when slammed into the ground. Wretch are mages that lob water bombs, while the other 2 are smaller melee mobs (Tide Walker and Deckhand). The former wields a small "glow in the dark" club while the latter wield hooks. They seem to have no strategy when approaching and aren't usually aggressive if you don't tread to close to the shores.

Common Item Drops: Scythes, 2H Maces, Pants, Boots

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (7)


Everyone's favorite Monster Family is back! They've made the cut from the previous games and I'm sure they paid a few devs off to return in Diablo 4 and they're just as annoying as you remember. The Fallen reside mostly in the Fractured Peaks and Kehjistan.

This Monster Family has 4 members. Overseers are the brutes and are generally hard to kill, while the regular fallen tend to just be cannon fodder. Lunatics explode themselves themselves near you, dealing lots of damage in an area. The most annoying are the Shamans. They are mages that can throw fireballs, though mostly infamous for their ability to resurrect the regular fallen that have "died" in battle over and over. This process will happen until you kill the Shaman itself.

Generally their strategy revolves around them staying near their Idom of the Imp, which makes them stronger. Destroy it to make them weaker. If they're not hanging around the Idom, expect an ambush underground.

Common Item Drops: Axes, Staves

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (8)


Not much is known about these ghosts, but they are all over Sanctuary. Seemingly bitter, they attack with standard weapons like bows swords. The red ghosts are called Phantoms and their green counterparts are called Vengeful spirits. They mostly reside in Fractured Peaks but can be found anywhere.

Both types have a ranged mage in which the smaller minions tend to protect as they throw spirit-projectiles. These guys are not very dangerous, rather they're eerie and you almost feel sorry for them.

Common Item Drops: Bows, Wands

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (9)


Much like the Fallen, this Monster Family has been a staple in the Diablo series. They are one of the most aggressive Monster Families available and they can take quite the beating, making disposing of them quite a challenge. Often found in the Dry Steppes chopping up a random helpless human, they are easy to spot.

This Monster Family has 4 members. Marauders are the smallest of them, quick to swarm you with their axes. The Mauler has a much bigger great axe. Getting hit by an overhead attack from one of these knocks you down. Impalers are the ranged members that throw spears with aim assist on, while The Shaman buffs the other 3 members, making them even more difficult to deal with. If you see a Shaman, always kill them first.

Common Item Drops: 2H Axes, Axes, 2H Staves, Totems

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (10)


The Skeleton Family are the OG's of Diablo monsters. Their weaponry are the run of the mill bows, rapiers and axes. These guys hang out in the Fractured Peaks and Kehjistan more than anywhere else, but they can be found wandering across all parts of the world.

While this Monster Family has the typical melee and ranged members, the most interesting is the Turret. This thing has incredible range and hits hard. Due to its range, they're often hard to see in battle. If you can, take them out first.

We tend to pick on them due to their molasses-speed movement and attacks, but they are clever ambushers, often setting up beneath the ground and trapping you in a bone prison when you walk over. Skeletons can even be enchanted with fire, letting them dealing fire damage! Got to give it to them, they're getting better with each Diablo installment.

Common Item Drops: Crossbows, Shields, Swords

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (11)


Snakes, or the Nangari are human/serpent hybrids that reside in the swamp areas of Hawezar.

This Monster Family has 3 members. The Spitter fires Poison at you and is the only one that looks like a snake. They can be difficult spot at times due to their slender "physique". The Oracle is considered a mage, and is capable of firing multiple acid bombs. It can even plant an "eyeball" Sentry that can target you from afar. These Sentries are really hard to spot can be frustrating. The Longfang is a melee based brute with huge fangs, it loves using them in close combat.

Common Item Drops: 2H Polearms, Swords

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (12)


The creepy crawlers are back and with a few modifications. They can now throw webs which restricts all movement. Even if they miss, the webs on the ground linger and will stop you if you walk over them. When there's a lot of spiders, this can lead to a very dangerous scenario of being chain webbed where you can't move if you don't have a way to rid yourself of crowd control.

There's 3 members in this Monster Family: Big spider, Spiderlings and the parasitic Spider Host inhabiting a human. Killing the host spawns more spiders, which is weak to skills that scale well with density, and is ideal for experience farming.

These guys are pretty rare to find in the world, but you can spot them sometimes in the Dry Steppes, though they prefer dungeons.

Common Item Drops: Chests, Focus, Gloves, 2H Swords

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (13)


The Vampire Family consist of 3 members. The Revenant brute wielding a 2H Sword, the swarming Ghouls, and Vampires which change forms from bat to blood-spell casting mage. Vampires often shift back to bat form to avoid damage or death outright. Out of all of the Monster Families, Vampires typically have the biggest swarm waves and can easily overwhelm you if you're not careful as Ghouls are insanely fast.

They typically reside in the Fractured Peaks, though they are usually found lurking in dungeons.

Common Item Drops: Bows, 2H Swords, Wands

Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 (14)

How to target farm items

Most of the items that commonly drop from each Monster Family are items they're actually using before you killed them. The best way to target farm these are in dungeons, as elite mobs have a better chance of dropping an item and are found more often in dungeons. You can use the map and hover over specific dungeons in these regions to see which Monster Family will likely show up in it.

As the game matures, so will this guide. Happy adventuring!


Written by DiEoxidE
Reviewed by Chewingnom, Echohack

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Monster Families In Diablo 4 - D4 ›

The best endgame Class in Diablo 4 is the Druid Class, with its versatility, build options, offensive and defensive capabilities, and excellent Crowd Controlling Skills.. However, Druids lack in a few aspects, such as mobility, early gameplay, complicated mechanics, and over-reliance on Weapons..

What is the best endgame character in Diablo 4? ›

The best endgame Class in Diablo 4 is the Druid Class, with its versatility, build options, offensive and defensive capabilities, and excellent Crowd Controlling Skills.. However, Druids lack in a few aspects, such as mobility, early gameplay, complicated mechanics, and over-reliance on Weapons..

How do dungeons work in d4? ›

Dungeons are one of the most important activities throughout the entire game experience. They grant you 30 Renown points and access to Legendary Aspects . 2-3 main objectives have to be completed to finish a Dungeon. You'll often face a Boss at the end.

What is max LVL in d4? ›

Level 100 is the game's true cap, and you will no longer earn any XP past that point.

What is the maximum group size in Diablo 4? ›

The max Diablo 4 party size is four players in online multiplayer. While couch co-op supports only two players sharing a screen, this can be combined with online play to also form a party of up to four players.

Who is the most powerful Diablo character? ›

Diablo: 10 Strongest Demons, Ranked
  1. 1 Tathamet, The Prime Evil.
  2. 2 Diablo, The Lord Of Terror. ...
  3. 3 Baal, The Lord Of Destruction. ...
  4. 4 Mephisto, The Lord Of Hatred. ...
  5. 5 Lilith. ...
  6. 6 Azmodan, The Lord Of Sin. ...
  7. 7 Belial, The Lord Of Lies. ...
  8. 8 Duriel, The Lord Of Pain. ...
Apr 17, 2023

What is the highest Diablo Immortal character? ›

So to recap, Diablo Immortal has a max level of 60, and any XP earned after level 60 goes towards earning your character Paragon level skill tree.

What level should I queue for dungeons? ›

Open the Group & Activity Finder from your UI, and select Dungeon Finder. From there, you should indicate your role (damage, tank, or healer) and then indicate how you want to queue. Note that you must be, at minimum, level 10 in order to use the Group & Activity Finder.

How is Vecna in Dungeons and Dragons? ›

Vecna was, in his time, one of the mightiest of all wizards who forged a great empire through dark magic and conquest. For all his power, Vecna couldn't escape his own mortality. He began to fear death and take steps to prevent his end from ever coming about.

How long to beat dungeons? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Minecraft Dungeons is about 5½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 27 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How long does it take to hit 100 in Diablo 4? ›

Diablo 4 associate game director Joseph Piepiora has revealed that it will take over 150 hours to grind to level 100 in the upcoming action role playing game.

What is the best Diablo 4 class? ›

The best class in Diablo 4 is the Rogue.

Twisting Blades also reduces the cooldowns of your active skills, allowing you to spam Shadow Imbuement, Dash, Shadow Step, and even your Shadow Clone ultimate for maximum damage and mobility in every battle.

Is there Paragon in Diablo 4? ›

The Paragon Board is a new system added to Diablo 4 to expand character customization beyond a character's skills. Players will unlock the Paragon Boards at level 50 and will work their way across the board - depending on what direction they want to take the character - up to level 100.

How many world tiers are there in Diablo 4? ›

At launch, there are four World Tiers: Adventurer, Veteran, Nightmare, and Torment. The first of the two World Tiers – Adventurer and Veteran – are unlocked right from the getgo, and whether or not you start with one or the other, you are free to change to either of these whenever throughout your journey.

How many officers can a clan have Diablo Immortal? ›

Creating a Clan in Diablo Immortal

Congratulations, you are now a Clan Leader responsible for the management of up to 100 members in your Clan.

How many characters can you have in Diablo 4? ›

With 10 character slots and Diablo 4's season structure, players will likely be leveling up a lot over the next couple of years. While they could do it the old-fashioned way, some players may want to approach this daunting task with a bit of help, and that help comes in the form of elixirs.

Who is the god in Diablo? ›

Anu was the first entity of the Diablo universe, arguably the creator god from which everything stems. Before anything of the universe existed there was just a pearl, and this pearl was the unfathomable spirit Anu, who was the sum of all things: good and evil, light and dark, physical and magical.

Who is stronger Diablo or Lilith? ›

Both are incredibly powerful beings with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In the past, Diablo has been the main antagonist in the Diablo games, but it's possible that Lilith will be portrayed as even more powerful than Diablo in this upcoming game.

What is the weakest Diablo Immortal class? ›

The Monk class in Diablo Immortal is complicated, despite its balance of support and damage. It just excels in fewer places than the other classes do, making it the worst in the game. It doesn't have to do any damage or have the mobility of others.

How much would it take to max out a character in Diablo Immortal? ›

While many believed that it would take almost $100,000 to max out a Diablo Immortal character, one player reveals it may take much, much more money.

Who is Lilith Diablo 4? ›

Lilith was the daughter of Mephisto and the sister of Lucion. She was known to all of Sanctuary as the Queen of the Succubi. Once the lover of the archangel Inarius, her union with him led to the creation of the first nephalem.

Is doing dungeons faster than questing? ›

Leveling Methods: Questing & Dungeons

If your goal is to reach Level 80 as fast as possible, dungeons will often be faster, especially if you do not have experience with the questing process. Questing can also be efficient, but some classes are better than others, and it can be easy to get side-tracked.

When should I do chaos dungeons? ›

Chaos Dungeons unlock shortly after reaching level 50. Each day you are given 100 Aura of Resonance , which is enough for 2 entries per day with full rewards. You can continue doing them endless without Aura, but with diminished rewards.

What is the highest level mythic dungeon? ›

Mythic+ End-of-Dungeon Loot is now capped at Item Level 431 at a Mythic +20, and 447 from the Great Vault.

What is Vecna's weakness? ›

His main weakness is not any particular set of traits, but a constraint imposed by his location: the Chaotic Quest entrance is a portal rather than a staircase, and Vecna is covetous. Vecna will therefore readily warp to you, but will not teleport away to heal.

Who killed Vecna? ›

At his empire's height, Vecna was betrayed and destroyed by his most trusted lieutenant, a vampire called Kas the Bloody-Handed, using a magical sword that Vecna himself had crafted for him, now known as the Sword of Kas.

What does Vecna eat? ›

Then, of course, there's Vecna, the monstrous evolution of Henry Creel/One who preys on humans' trauma before gruesomely killing them.

What is the longest D&D campaign ever? ›

Wardhaugh is a Canadian historian known as a host of the longest uninterrupted Dungeons and Dragons campaign. As of 2023, the game is going on for 41 years, since 1982.

Can you complete dungeons solo? ›

Dungeons are sort of like mini-raids, with mechanics and encounters, but much less demanding than actual six-man raids. This is why it's possible to also solo them, though it requires tremendous preparation and skill from the player.

What is the longest D&D game ever played? ›

How Robert Wardhaugh's D&D Campaign Has Lasted 39 Years. Although, Wardhaugh's campaign started off in 1982, technological advances have made it easier to keep sessions going.

What is the hardest Diablo mode? ›

Fans of Diablo 4 will be very aware that the game's Hardcore Mode is no joke. Not only does it ratchet up the difficulty to ridiculous levels, but it also means that you're character is permanently deleted if you die even once.

What is the hardest level on Diablo? ›

Torment is the highest difficulty setting in Diablo III, replacing the earlier Inferno difficulty. It is unlocked when one character on the account reaches level 60, regardless of whether or not Reaper of Souls is installed. It is broken into 16 different levels, adjustable at will.

How to level from 50 to 60 Diablo Immortal? ›

How to level up fast in Diablo Immortal
  1. Don't fully clear zones.
  2. Group up monsters before fighting.
  3. Don't overspend on gear upgrades.
  4. Run story dungeons in a group.
  5. Use the Battle Pass, Bounties, Dungeons, and Rifts to pass level gates.
Jun 6, 2022

What is the tankiest class in Diablo 4? ›

The Barbarian is the best tank class in Diablo 4 for a few reasons. First, it has an incredible amount of damage reduction thanks to its skill tree, as well as fortify procs that add additional health beyond your max health pool. They also have Overpower damage that deals additional damage based on your health value.

What is the least popular class in Diablo 4? ›

As revealed by the unlock rates for Diablo 4's achievements, the Druid class is the least popular class in the game, with only 12.25% of Xbox gamers choosing it and progressing far enough to get its Shifty Swipes achievement.

What is the easiest class in Diablo 4? ›

The easiest class for beginners is either the Necromancer or the Barbarian, and there are pros and cons to each. The obvious boon for Necromancer players is the army of skeletons you have at your disposal. These minions will attack things alongside you and, depending on your build, they can deal very high damage.

Why was Paragon removed? ›

Paragon was a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game produced by Epic Games. After initial success, the developer announced it would shut down the game after failed attempts to make it sustainable.

What level is Paragon immortal? ›

In Diablo Immortal, Paragon leveling starts after an adventurer hits the level cap of 60. It helps to increase skills and attributes and here's how you can do it. Paragon in Diablo Immortal is an advanced endgame leveling system that helps to unlock specialized skills, attributes, and more.

What is the highest Diablo Paragon? ›

There is no cap on Paragon levels. Players can now earn as many Paragon levels as they can, provided they contribute time. All that needs to be done is to simply fight monsters and complete quests with a hero already at lvl 70.

What is the most popular class in Diablo? ›

Diablo 4 has been out for just over a week and developer Blizzard has revealed its most-played class. According to Diablo development chief Rod Fergusson, Diablo 4's most-played class is the Sorcerer/Sorceress.

Who is the wolf in Diablo 4? ›

It then reveals its true identity as Mephisto and tells the wanderer that they would receive the blessings they seek, if they bring balance to its realm.

Will there be more than 5 classes in Diablo 4? ›

How many classes are there in Diablo 4? There will be five classes available when the game releases on June 6, 2023. Importantly, while you'll only be able to pick from these five at launch, that doesn't mean more classes won't be released.

Can I become leader of a dead clan? ›

There are no Elders or Co-Leaders who can be promoted to Leader.

What is the max number of clan members? ›

Including the leader, you can have up to 50 members in a Clan.

What are the advantages of dark clan rank? ›

When a group is able to rank up their Dark Clan, they will be able to unlock new advantages like dealing additional damage and other quality-of-life perks. Dark Clans are the ones who ultimately end up challenging the Immortals for their throne during a Rite of Exile.

How big of a party can you have in Diablo 4? ›

Diablo 4 is like most basic video games that allow co-op. Players will only be able to invite four of their friends. This is the case with many games, such as Redfall and other co-op titles. Sometimes gamers get lucky and can invite more than just a handful, but a lot of the time, it isn't the case.

What is max level in Diablo 4? ›

The Diablo 4 max level is 100 and it takes around 150 hours to reach that level. According to Blizzard, it will take players approximately 35 hours of gameplay to complete the game's massive campaign, and players can expect to finish the campaign at about level 45.

Can you have multiple Annihilus Diablo? ›

The Annihilus is a unique Charm dropped by Uber Diablo on realms. Characters may possess only one such charm in their inventory space.

What is the best class in Diablo IV? ›

Necromancers might not be quite as powerful as Sorcerers, but they're arguably the best Diablo 4 class to play solo. There's a ton of build diversity to enjoy, and the Necromancer–while still overpowered–is much more balanced than the Sorcerer.

What is the best class to solo in Diablo 4? ›

You can't beat the Necromancer in solo content. The Necromancer is the best solo class in Diablo 4 due to the sheer power of the Book of the Dead summons. With an army of skeleton warriors, mages, and a golem on your side, you will be more than able to take on the world of Sanctuary without much issue.

What is the best class for group play Diablo 4? ›

What is the best class for group PvE play in Diablo 4? If you're running with a group and want to truly take charge in dealing enormous amounts of damage, you'll likely want to run the Sorcerer for PvE content in Diablo 4.

What is the best group class in Diablo 4? ›

We rate the Rogue as the best class in Diablo 4 for playing in a group. When the enemies have a few other characters to target, the Rogue can focus entirely on doing damage, and they're capable of absurdly high damage output.

What is the easiest class in Diablo? ›

Of all the five classes in Diablo 4, the easiest one to use is the Necromancer. The Necromancer is a classic mainstay of the Diablo franchise and by far the easiest one to use.

What is the best character to start with in Diablo 4? ›

Diablo 4: best class for beginners – Necromancer

Diablo 4 can be very overwhelming if this is your first foray into the series, but one class stands above the rest as welcoming for beginners, and that's the Necromancer.

What is the funnest solo class in Diablo Immortal? ›

The Necromancer is easily the best class for solo players in Diablo Immortal and is a great choice for beginners in general. This is because of the Necromancer's powerful starting ability, Command Skeletons, which summons 2 hardy, bony buddies to aid you in battle.

What is the best single target DPS in Diablo 4? ›

Rogue. There is no doubt that Rogue is the best DPS class in Diablo 4 due to its high damage stats. Apart from having the best damage stats, Rogue can perform from long-range and through melee attacks.

What class is best for solo dungeons? ›


The Sorcerer is the ULTIMATE Solo Class In ESO! Not only does the Sorcerer have amazing abilities, but their passive healing, offensive and defensive capabilities make them straight-up EASY MODE! The Sorcerer class will be great choice for all players in the game from beginner to advanced.

Is Diablo 4 gender locked? ›

Can You Choose Your Gender in Diablo 4? The short and simple answer is yes, the five available classes in Diablo 4 are not gender locked and you can choose any of them regardless of gender. The game even goes one step further, adapting class names based on gender, such as “Sorcerer” or “Sorceress”.

Is Necromancer good Diablo Immortal? ›

The Necromancer is a brilliant pick for Diablo beginners and veterans alike, as it is the best class in Diablo Immortal. Its ability to summon a group of minions to soak up damage means you can avoid taking fatal hits, leaving you free to cast extra spells from a distance without risk.

What are the only 5 classes in Diablo 4? ›

But before you even get the chance to enter Sanctuary, you need to choose one of five classes in Diablo IV. There's the weapon master Barbarian, the skeleton-summoning Necromancer, the shape-shifting Druid, the sneaky Rogue, and the elemental Sorceror.


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