My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (2023)

The characters in My Hero Academia are loved by fans all over the world, ever since their first appearance in the manga. But not all the amazing characters from this franchise had their origins in Horikoshi’s literary masterpiece.

Some amazing characters from the universe of My Hero Academia debuted either in the anime adaptation of the manga or one of the movies. They might not have been a part of the story from the beginning, but some of these characters have amazing powers and backstories that make them great additions to the cast.

That is why, in this list, we will show some love to the 10 best characters the anime and movies have given life to.

Rody and 9 other great characters that were not in My Hero Academia manga

1) Saiko Intelli

My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (1)

Most original anime characters tend to play either a villainous role in a movie or a minor one in one of the episodes of the anime — Saiko Intelli is one of the exceptions. She is one of the best students in Seiai Academy, as well as one of the hardest opponents to defeat during the provisional license exams.

Her Quirk, IQ, increases her already amazing intellect by drinking tea, with results varying depending on the brand. She can be cold and selfish, and relies too much on her Quirk and analytical skills — a weakness that prevented her from defeating Momo, Kyoka, Shouji, and Tsuyu during the exams.

2) Wolfram

My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (2)

I-Island is regarded as one of the safest places on Earth, with defenses only comparable to Tartarus Prison's. This fact makes it even more impressive for Wolfram to not only have captured All Might, but also to accomplish this feat while inside this technological fortress.

With the help of his Quirk, Metal Manipulation, as well as the gift All For One gave him, Muscle Augmentation, he was about to defeat All Might during their confrontation. It was only thanks to Midoriya and his friends that the number one Hero emerged victorious from his match against this imposing villain.

3) Sirius

My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (3)

Sometimes anime original characters can have a big impact on one of the main characters of a show, just like Sirius did on Tsuyu during her internship with Selkie. She is a selfless Heroine who wanted to show Froppy the importance of being a good Hero.

While she is mostly serious during her Hero Work, she can be really friendly when she is not on duty. She may not be a recurring character in My Hero Academia, yet she still gained quite a following because of her personality and appearance.

4) Taneo Tokuda

The press has a bad reputation inside My Hero Academia’s world, seeing as most Pro Heroes get annoyed with their constant harassment. As such, when Taneo announced he wanted to expose All Might’s secret successor in his next article, most fans thought of him as just another shameless reporter.

However, he was just an All Might fan who wanted to meet the Hero that would inspire people around the world like Toshinori did for him. After taking a picture with Deku and promising to write a book about him, fans learned that not all members of the press are looking for a quick scoop.

5) Innsmouth

None of the fans who saw Innsmouth during Tsuyu’s internship’s episode are going to forget this creepy-looking villain. With a face and a body that should belong in an Eldritch horror, something that is referenced in his name, this villain stands out from most other episodic antagonists in the show.

But his design and name are the only unique characteristics of this villain. He has the same greedy mentality that most petty criminals in the show possess, as well as a lack of a moral code, like many other bad guys we have seen.

6) Dadan Tadan

Isamu Academy High School is an anime-original Hero Academy with only four confirmed students, one of these students being Dadan. His Quirk, Flash Bang Sweat, turns his sweat into a substance that creates a bright light and thundering sound when it crashes with something.

Unlike most characters in the show who rely solely on their Quirks to fight, Dadan uses a mech suit that makes up for the lack of offensive capabilities of his power. Seeing as he is able to use technology to make up for his weaknesses makes you wonder if Midoriya could have done the same.

7) Rody Soul

My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (4)

Not every city in the world has the fortune of having an All Might to save them from villains. This is a fact that Rody is painfully aware of, seeing as Otheon has been getting overwhelmed by villains and crimes since he was a little child.

His father abandoned his family to join Humarise a long time ago, leaving him to take care of his two younger siblings. Even so, it is hard to obtain a decent job when your community ostracizes you because of your father’s actions.

8) Beros

Humarise is a cult that believes humans should eradicate Quirks from existence. Yet, unlike Overhaul, who wanted to erase the so-called disease, they wanted to kill all those individuals in possession of powers. Beros, a girl born with a Quirk who wants to make up for the sin of her birth, is one of the most loyal members of the cult.

Her Quirk, Longbow, uses her thumb and pinky finger to create a bow that can shoot energy arrows. Her devotion to Humarise's cause was so extreme that she felt no remorse for killing anyone who stood in their way if it allowed them to succeed.

9) Flect Turn

My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (5)

The Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory is a concept inside of My Hero Academia’s world that predicts Quirks will lead humans to their extinction. The leader of the Humarise cult, Flect Turn, is a firm believer in this theoryand indoctrinated those who joined him into accepting it as well.

He has complete control over his organization, who share his lack of empathy for people born with powers, even though he has a Quirk as well. Reflect, the name of his ability, gives him the power to return any attack used against him with significantly more power than the original.

10) Melissa Shield

My Hero Academia: 10 best anime-original characters (6)

Although Melissa would later become a canon addition to My Hero Academia’s spin off manga, she was originally created for the series’ first movie. The daughter of All Might’s old sidekick and one of the most brilliant minds of her generation, Melissa wants to help the world with her inventions.

Even though she does not have Quirk; she does not allow this fact to deter her from being an optimistic and kind individual. Many fans took a liking to her because of her personality and her incredible creations, expecting to see her again someday in the main manga.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author's opinion.

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